Top Trendy cakes for your special occasions you would love to order!

Trendy cakes

Top Trendy cakes for your special occasions you would love to order!

As growing up we all were use to with cakes whether it is a birthday party, weddings or any special occasion we never celebrated happy moments without cakes. It is being said that for big parties you always need perfect and beautiful cakes. We must say cakes are combination of fun happiness & celebrations . For every special occasion there is a special cake and now trend has set a new record because people are making really different,innovative & Trendy cakes for their customers .

Now cake is not just a piece of desert but you can say it is much more than that . Now cake bakers ensures if your occasion is very special why to order simple ordinary cake your cake has to be unique. For every occasion there are various cakes like picture cake,gourmet cup cakes, baby shower cakes & many more .

Moreover to start a cake business you don’t need a big investment you just need a good marketing skills, cake baking art , creative mind ,and good quality services. It will not only help you in gaining customers but also help you in expanding your cake business.

Well, now I am going to show The most trendy cakes which you will love to order for your special events whether it is  a birthday party, bachelor party , wedding anniversary, baby showers etc. Here are some cool cakes;

The Majestic Peacock cake 

What a beautiful cake. Isn’t it ? Perfect suitable cake for your special party. One of the most beautiful and innovative cake. This big peacock has special thing that its feathers you can see it has small cupcakes which are presented as feathers of peacock. It has such a beautiful color combination. 

Pinata cake

Another trendy cake called The pinata cake you might be thinking why this cake is so trendy? What is so special about it . I’ll tell you when you break the upper chocolate layer with a hammer you will find out that there is another cake inside it . So cool , what looks outside is different from inside and to know what is inside who have to break that chocolate layer. Sounds like a treasure hunt. 

Make up cake

In every girl gang there is a one friend who might fond of makeup. Do you agree. That is why this makeup cake is trendy and one of the most ordered designs you can say .  This cake is specially dedicated to those girls who are makeup lover .

Gym lover cake

When girls gets the special makeup cakes then why to forget about boys . Yes another trendy cakes are for gym lovers. Boys / girls who never skips a day without going gym. This cake not only having a cool design for gym lovers but it also contains less sugar and totally for gym lovers so they not only cut the cake but they can eat also without thinking of dieting.

Unicorn cake

Another trendy and beautiful cake for those kids who are unicorn lovers. filled with chocolate and love for your kids .

Roses on the cake

Nothing better than the duo of kit kats and roses on the cake. Most trendy and beautiful cake for your lover , mother, husband, father or special person who has a special place in your life . This cake works two in one as it has flowers and chocolates. 

Floral cake face 

 A floral cake face which is made of buttercream and roses . This cake design is one of the most beautiful and creative designs of all. 

Bachelor cake 

This cake has a special emotion you know why because before getting married boy/girl celebrate their last freedom days. Therefore for the new begnnings and for the last few freedom days this cake has special place in every bachelor’s party. Fun part is it has so many & cool creative cake designs that person always remembers his/her  bachelor cake. 

Get more exciting and new cakes for your special occasions.

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