Special flowers and gifts ideas for Your valentine

floers and gifts ideas

Special flowers and gifts ideas for Your valentine

Perfect combination of flowers and gifts for valentine’s day


WE all call 14 feb as a day of love but few of people must be aware of that why we call 14th feb as a Valentine’s Day or a day of love? There is a deep history behind this day. The ancient romans may also be responsible for the name of our modern day of love . And today this day is being celebrated by giving gifts and flowers to our loved ones . In my this blog I am going to tell you about special flowers and gifts ideas that will make your day more special .

valentine’s day is also called St. valentine’s day holiday. It’s the day when lovers and couples express their love and affection with flowers, gifts & chocolates. most of the couples look for new flowers and gifts ideas for their loved one here we are for more exciting ideas.

Reason behind this day

This day is being celebrated as a day of romance from about 14th century. As we know that usually people express their love with flowers and gifts but why so ? why flowers plays such an important role ? why people love flowers ? answer to this question can be complex some people will say they are beautifull it gives them a different vibe Right? But there are many reasons, why everyone love flowers whether you agree with that or not but flowers has a unique relation with people .

most people believe that flowers can convey feelings without words .

Benefits of flowers 

Flowers can immediately change your mood . flowers are also used for various purposes like for marriage birthdays parties anniversaries. even if you like someone you can start your relationship or bonding by giving beautiful flowers to your loved ones. So we can easily understand that our lives are so incomplete without flowers .

flowers are symbol of love and passion every occasion is incomplete without flowers . that is why people use flowers to express their love with flowers on valentines day . You can also read benefits of online florists click here https://merakibox.in/online-florists-to-send-flowers/

So why to wait if you stay away from your bf/gf husband /wife or anyone you love the most share your love by sending them flowers some beautiful gifts and chocolates afcourse .there is no replacement of this perfect combination .

 Gifts ideas for her

 Do you have no clue about gift ideas for your girl? Are you still thinking what will make her happy the most? Or you end up choosing those boring old usual gifts? Then you must read this..

There are lot of guys on this earth who get stuck when they have to decide a perfect gift for their gf /wife /mother /sister.

It is completely understandable because every girl is different every girl has her own likes and dislikes not everyone likes those top suggested gift ideas. Trust me sometimes buying expensive gifts doesn’t means it is great. Sometimes gifts which expresses your emotions your love your care for her will make her happy . She will take more care of those gifts because you cannot compare money with feelings and emotions . So here are some ideas you can use to make her happy ..

 Here are some ideas 
  • Send her surprisingly a beautiful bouquet of flowers. There is nothing more beautiful  than flowers . every girl loves to receive flowers. Mostly when she is not aware of that surprise .believe me perfect bouquet of flowers with beautiful message written on it it will give her a beautifull smile. There are lot of stores and websites who sends online bouquet of flowers to you loved ones for sure.
  • Give her a jewellery gift we all know that girls loves accessories so if you give your girl beautiful necklace with a sweet locket that represents your love or pearl neacklace with some chocolates and flowers . for sure if you think that your loved one will love simple gifts than it is a perfect combination of jewllery ,chocolates & flowers.
  • Mason jar filled with hersheys kisses chocolates with a heart card written on it” kisses for you when I am not around “ most simple and beautiful gift any girl will love it whenever she will eat those chocolates and read that note she will miss you and it will give her smile everytime.
  • Love story map picture Frame or Collage of your sweet pictures but not only your simple pictures you can take help of map locations written on it with pictures where you first met , where you kissed each other for the first time ,where you had your best vacation , where you had best fun etc
  • 365 reasons why you love her I know for some of guys think it is very boring task but trust me every girl loves to hear why you love her ? what are the most annoying and most beautiful things of her u love . simple just write your 365 reasons why you love her and make a collage of it and gift her as heart shape photo frame .




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